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We have some very exciting developments, updates and a relaunch competition coming to theWhiskReview in August!

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Welcome to the Whisky Review :

Have you ever looked at a bottle of whisky and thought I wonder if I will like that? Have you ever then checked "expert" reviews on it and as a result bought it only to find that it is not to your taste?

Hopefully this website will end this issue as it is the front-end for a robust database that can help you.

Here you are able to rate and review whisky for your personal needs using the specified format. Once you have submitted a range of reviews (and so have others) you will be able to search whiskies that you have not yet tried/rated and see what users who gave the whiskies you have rated a similar score think of this one. This will mean that you will get a tailored score based upon your previous scores as well as being able to see all reviews, giving you a safer bet.

This site does not stop at just bottlings of whisky though, you are able to review most all whisky related events, venues and accessories.

If you have any comments about this site, please do let us know using the "contact" link above.