Our news :


July 2010

4th of July Marathon

To celebrate American Independance Day we did a review of American Whiskey. There were more than 20 new reviews of American Whiskey and to drum up a bit of a following we posted a new one Twitter every half hour.



April 2010


We now have a link from the Highly respected sites Whisky Emporium and Buxrud If anyone else wants to link to us, please feel free. If anyone wants a link from us please use the contact form



April 2010

The stable reality goes offline

As not everyone uses smartphones/ PDAs to access the web on the go, we have created a PDF version of the tasting notes form and if you have access to a duplex printer there is also a PDF booklet that you can print out and put together. These files have been created to fit the tasting notes form on an A5 page (half A4) so when folded in half it should fit perfectly into your pocket for use at tastings and festivals. Don't forget to upload your notes to theWhiskyReview.com once you are back infront of a computer though!



March 2010

The stable reality gets populated

We have now updated the site with the tasting notes captured in Peat Freak's tasting notes program. This means an injection of more than 800 tasting notes! Many thanks to Jeroen Kloppenburg for his help and support in this, I hope that this new venture can do justice to the program that came before it.


February 2010

The reality becomes more stable

We have now moved servers and redesigned the site to be quicker and more robust. The redesign should mean that the site is easier to view and faster to load on portable devices with internet. This is great news as one of the original aspirations of this project was to eventually create a program for portable devices to capture these notes whilst out and about. This idea came about because if I taste a new whisky unexpectedly the chances are that I would not have my notebook with me, I do always have my phone though!


December 2009

The concept becomes a reality

After more than a year in the making the idea has become something real. theWhiskyReview is now live!

It started off as a project after a few debates around two questions:


    * How valid are "Professional" whisky tasting notes?

    * Does rating whisky with a number actually mean anything?


The conclusions that we came to were that you can rely on the tasting reviews of others but only after studying them for a while and ensure you are similar, and that scoring with a number is only relevant to yourself or others with similar tastes. Now what we needed to know was, how can we & how easy is it to find another person with similar tastes as yourself? To this end www.theWhiskyReview.com was created as a place where users can log their tasting notes & scores on a predefined format. This enables the database in the background to evaluate your tasting notes and score, find others with similar users and give you reviews with average scores of both all users and just users with a similar taste. This should help you find both individuals with similar tastes and how whisk(e)y is rated by people with similar tastes.